The F-Line System was born for the realization of networks for the distribution of compressed air, vacuum, exhausted oils, neutral gases (argon and nitrogen) and for the building of industrial plants such as automotive machines feeding.

Thanks to the technology used in the fitting design, F-Line is a quick system to be mounted, with a perfect pneumatic hold and an excellent mechanical resistance; moreover in normal working conditions the aluminium alloy which constitutes the pipes hot electropainted and the technopolymer used for the fittings realization do not cause particular problems when in contact with lubricant oils of compressors, they make the system exempt from corrosions on the internal and external surfaces and they guarantee always clean air and a long duration in time.

The F-Line System is formed by tubes, fittings group (fittings, quick branch, appliqué for wall), valves, accessories, quick couplings and F.R.L. units.